Rockweld Gabions & Limestone Blocks by Prospect Contractors

Rockweld Gabions 
Rockweld Gabions are made of welded galvanised steel, which are filled with rock, stone or pebbles. The strength and durability of the welded steel combined with the rock fill, creates a strong, hard-wearing, secure and even fire proof product. Rockweld is also maintenance free! Rock is either 'tipped-in' or 'hand-faced' depending on your preference. Click here more information and examples.
Applications include fencing, feature walls, seating and retaining walls and can be adapted to different shapes and sizes. Rockweld fencing is also the perfect solution in busy traffic areas, where they offer noise reduction as well as protection against passing traffic.
(NB welded mesh is not recommended in areas that have water flow due to the risk of differential settlement).
Limestone Blocks 
Our Limestone Blocks are manufactured using local South Australian reconstituted Limestone. This innovative technique provides the strength and durability of concrete with the aesthetic beauty of Limestone. The Limestone Blocks offer wonderful thermal mass and can be a cost effective way of adding a natural textural look. They can be used in fencing, retaining walls, paving, feature walls and more. 

With a large portfolio of projects, we can supply you with a free, no obligation quote, a professional outcome and the finished project installed on time.

Click below for project examples:


Rockweld Fencing & Walls
Tipped-in bluestone corner fence
Rockweld Retaining Walls
Rockweld Seating
Limestone Blocks
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