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Rockweld fences and walls are a unique alternative to traditional types of fencing. They are strong, durable, as well as fire proof and are a great replacement to old, worn out brush fences. The effect is modern, yet blends into the natural environment. Rockweld fences provide privacy and security, and as well act as a solid and safe noise barrier in high traffic areas, therefore are a great soundproofing solution. They are also considered 'good neighbour' fencing, as our fences look great from either side and are low maintenance!


With a large portfolio of projects, we can supply you with a free, no obligation quote, a professional outcome and the finished project installed on time. 
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Gilberton Rockweld Fence

Location: Gilberton, SA

This award winning fence was installed at a new home for privacy and security. The hand-faced sandstone complements the colours used in the modern home. 

Award Details

Hallett Road Rockweld Walls


Location: Burnside, South Australia

The owners of a home in Burnside contacted Prospect Contractors to install a high Rockweld fence to provide privacy as well as to reduce noise from the traffic along their busy residential street. A low retaining wall was also built to retain the soil in the front garden below the fence.

Walkerville Soundproof Fence


Location: Walkerville, South Australia


The owners of this home on a busy intersection wanted a new fence that would help minimise the traffic noise as well as provide a modern and stylish screen to their home.


Speed Ave Rockweld Fence


Location: Plympton, South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed this Rockweld Fence at a home in Plympton. The client wanted a stylish fence that would be strong and secure, whilst also reducing traffic noise. They were very happy with the finished result and gave us a glowing review!  Client Review  

Fernleigh Ave Rockweld Fence


Location: Beaumont, South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed a 'tipped-in' sandstone Rockweld fence 

at this home in Beaumont. The colour of the sandstone and the white, steel tubular gate complements the modern home.

Tusmore Rockweld Fence

Location: Tusmore Park, SA

Rockweld Gabion fence at a home in Tusmore. Two different types of rock were used, as well as steel and wire panels. Climbing plants will grow up over the wire mesh inserts creating an interesting pattern of colour and texture.

Hallett Cove Noise Wall


Location: Hallett Cove, South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed a long sweeping wall along Patpa Drive separating a residential area from the busy road. Curved corrugated iron sheets were added between Rockweld columns creating an interesting pattern.

Kingston Crescent Fence


Location: Kingston, South Australia


The owner of this new, modern home was “after a very specific look, very deliberate, very well thought out and hence executed to our design parameters. The result is a wall that is not only secure but a work of art". 

 Client Review  


McLaren Vale Motel Wall


Location: McLaren Vale,

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed 18 triangular pillars made out of weld mesh and hand faced bluestone. Glass and timber panels were then positioned between each pillar. In ground spot lights were also added in front of each pillar, highlighting the feature wall at night.

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Kennaway Street Rockweld Fence