Hand faced Rockweld fence


Frequently Asked Questions


What are Rockweld fences made of?


Rockweld products are made from rigid lightweight, galvanised steel mesh, which can be filled with rock, stone or pebbles as an alternative to traditional types of fencing. Applications include fencing, seating and feature walls and can be adapted to different shapes and sizes.



What is the lifespan of a Rockweld fence?


Rockweld products will generally last a minimum of 20 years in a normal everyday dry environment


Do you supply for DIY?


Rockweld supply the weld mesh and rock for installation only by our qualified installers, insuring consistant outstanding quality of the finished product. We can also use rock that you may have available if suitable. 


What sort of rock do you use?


AS2758.4-2000 recommendation, rock size must be a minimum of 80mm - 100mm ballast. The rock used must be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. We generally use sandstone or bluestone in our fences. Examples of these can be viewed at our office in Glandore, South Australia